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Poland Mission May 2014

The crusade in Wloclawek went very well and there were a number of decisions for Christ and some healing testimonies of which one was a guy with a major eyesight problem could see better after prayer. It was in this city we had the TV interview we are planning to do much more in this city God willing.

We also held a meeting in Rypin where another two young people got saved and there was a wonderful move of the Holy Spirit.

In Inowrolaw we held an open air with the local ‘Pentecostal church,’ I preached the gospel and three ladies made a commitment to Christ and one lady testified (lady on the left) of the pain had left her hips after prayer praise the Lord.Open Air InowrolowTestifies pain gone in hips





The crusade in Lebork went very well with eight more souls deciding for Christ, and a number of wonderful healing testimonies including a right ear pain and deafness improvement, a lady with a very painful post op breast pain, which the doctors said would never go away, but guess what they hadn’t counted on ‘Doctor Jesus healing power,’ she testified the next night of being pain free for the first time! Praise the Lord.

Another was a little girl who had one leg a little shorter than the other so we filmed as we prayed and the leg grew out and it was confirmed in the Sunday morning what had happened. Many other wonderful things happened but this is a flavour of what happened, to which I give the Lord all the praise and glory, thank you dear Jesus!

I have included a few pics, but I am working on the camcorder clips and hope to include some of them in my ‘You Tube’ channel (Sister Kathryn Day) Many thanks to all of you that either financially or support us in prayer, Thank you so much for making these missions and UK ministry possible,


God bless R K Day

Here’s the youtube link for the local TV interviw

Also see short a film made by my friends in Poland on my November visit

Evangelist R K Day in Poland Nov. 2013

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