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Blessings in Bohol

Friday, May 18th, 2007

Dear Friends and Prayer Partners,

After my cliff path experience and minstering in a house group amongst the fishing community in the afternoon, that evening I was taken to another part of Tagiblaren City, to a pioneer church. We had to travel quite some distance on a dirt track in order to reach the church.
The church was only partly built and still had only a gravel stone floor, no electricity, which meant preaching again without a microphone and reading my notes and scriptures by torchlight. However, dispite the conditions, God was there and He poured out HIs Spirit for people were mightily touched by the Spirit and several testified of being healed ! Including a man with a painful eye who was able to return to work and a woman who said she was healed of urinary infection and diabetes, I told not to stop medication for the diabetes until she had been to the doctor and had her healing confirmed. This I learned later she had done and after the blood test, the doctor confirmed she had diabetes no more. Praise the Lord!

10th, 11, 13th February
The following Saturday we held a small open air at a Burangay near Valencia and Sunday I preached in Pastor Fernando’s church where again God poured out HIs blessing and some testified to being healed instantly.

Tuesday was prison day, we had a large local prison to visit in the morning and a provincial prison to visit in the afternoon.
The enemy tried to stop the morning prison service, because the were holding a basket ball tournament, however I was able to go around a speak and pray for some of the prisoners. Conditions there were pretty grim with overcrowding and hardly the very basics provided . Praise God I managed to lead 7 prisoners to the Lord and several said that God had touched their bodies and were releived of pain.
The afternoon prison didn’t have any pens and paper to write with and not even any soap and toothepaste, so due to my few faithful sponsors I was able to buy them some of these items.
Although there were not many salvations here, God poured out His Spirit on the believer’s and two prisoners got filled as well as slain in the Spirit, speaking in tongues for the first time! The woman who got filled not only spoke in tongues but sang in tongues at the top of her voice and all the guards and other prisoner’s wondered what was going on?

‘This is that which was spoken by the prophet Joel: And it shall come to pass in the last days, says God, That I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh…’ Acts 2 16 & 17

One prisoner said ‘ I had to come to prison in order to find freedom’ Jesus has come to set the CAPTIVES FREE !
Thankyou all for praying for me, God bless from Sister Roz Kathryn Day

Cliff path-slum areas- healings and prisoners rejoice!

Tuesday, May 15th, 2007

Greetings prayer partners and friends,

After leaving Pangansinan I stopped for two days at Angelas City, where they gave me a wonderful welcome and even paid for a nice hotel room. They tried to give me an offering as well, but I didn’t feel it right to take it as they had already given so much. THe LOrd abundantly blessed the meetings there again, with many slain in the Spirit including little children, many healings also reported and confirmation of healings last year praise the LOrd.

After my short stay in Angelas I flew to Cebu from Clark airport very close by.
I have found out that Cebu has two temperatures hot and very hot and always noisey. I had to minister in the very bad slum area. THey asked me to go to a house and pray for a Catholic family, with the grand father dying of cancer.

Walking there was very difficult in the dark, with a deep open sewer alongside the path, I was so glad for my little torch !
When I arrived I first shared the gospel and most of the family accepted Christ and prayed the sinner’s prayer. I then prayed for the old man who was full of pain and lying on his bed, after prayer he said the pain had all gone and got off his bed and walked un aided, which he could not do before, praise God ! I don’t know whether he is totally healed, time will tell, but he was very glad to be free from pain Praise the LOrd.

I also preached in two prisons in Cebu and saw many won to the LOrd. IN the women’s prison, those that were gathering were mostly already saved, but some received instant healing and God poured out His Spirit on those women, with many being slain in the Spirit, speaking in tongues and crying with Joy, it was a joy to see and be part of, :”God is no respector of person’s” “Whom the Son sets free is free indeed” “THe blood of Jesus CHrist cleanses us from all sin”

I praise God that He continued to pour out HIs blessings in the churches in Cebu as well with a number of healings being reported including: back pain, shoulder pain, chest problems, asthma and sinus problems. The LOrd also mightily poured out His Spirit on those that presented themselves as vessels.

After taking the ferry from Cebu, I arrived here in Bohol last Wednesday and am staying with my host Pastor Fernando Impang and his family. So far God is continuing to pour out HIs blessing. The first day I arrived they dropped me of with a pastor’s wife in a very bad slum area, to get to the meeting I had to climb down a very difficult cliff path between the slum houses. I was praying LOrd please keep from disease. When I arrived at a poor slum house on stilts above polluted sea water underneath, a small group of women had gathered for a bible study. God blessed those women, some got slain in the Spirit and a missionary was there who had a very painful arm , who was finding life very difficult, as it was so bad that she could not drive her car. God INSTANTLY healed her, and she was rejoicing. She rang the pastor later that day to confirm what had happened! Praise the LOrd, our God is a God of miracles and ‘What is impossible with man is possible with God for with God ALL things are possible.”

My mission will soon be over and I am weary now and ready to come home, but please pray for more souls before I leave, at the moment decisions total just over 750, but I am praying for at least 1000 before I leave.We have some more open airs planned and I am visiting two more prison’s tommorrow, so believing for more fruit. We are not going to the withcraft island now, not because I am afraid, but the practicalities are not good and I’m not up to roughing it anymore on this trip. However, the church is growing there and the Christians are on the victory side.

God bless you all my friends, thankyou so much for you prayers and support, without which this mission would not be possible, please keep me on your prayers.
Yours in Christ Roz

Mission to the Philippines

Tuesday, May 15th, 2007

Greetings from the Philippines!

My mission is nearly halfway acommplished and although I am very weary and recovering from stomach problems, I am rejoicing too. Praise the Lord I am pleased to report that a total of over 500 people have come forward for Christ ! Most we have names and addresses for follow up by the local churches.

Furthermore, I have had many invitations to speak, this was partly due to the fact that I had to give a short address at the special service held in front of the mayor and civic leaders at the opening of the town fiesta, ( something I did not enjoy, not my thing at all), but God used it to make contacts.Praise the Lord He has continued to pour out blessing on these churches. Last night I spoke at one of the AoG churches, and the LOrd mercifully poured out His Spirit , with many slain in the Spirit and some people being healed.

Speaking of healings I have been able to have some healings confirmed from last year, including the lady who was instantly healed from long term post op pain, a boy in Agoo was instantly healed from Asthma and has not needed to use his inhaler at all since, many people remember the lady who had a breast lump instantly dissappear.

In the crusades many healings have been reported including heart and breathing conditions and many back, knee and shoulder problems,other praise the name of the LOrd, other reports still coming in.

Monday was suppose to be a rest day, but at the last minute I have a chance to speak at a school and a church has offered me a FREE CRUSADE ! As this is such a good opportunity to win more souls I will have to do it, I can’t waste an opportunity to win more souls, but friends please pray that the LOrd will give me strength for this, as tomorrow I preach in a Baptist church in the morning,( a rare event as Baptists here don’t believe in women preachers), then we have to travel to Baguio City, for me to preach at the AoG there, MOn am shool, evening the crusade, TUes am travel to Angelas City for 2 nights of Miracle Services then Thurs mid day I fly to Cebu. I’m trying to find a slot to pack!!

THankyou all so much for your prayers and support which means so much to me, looking forward to seeing you all soon
GOd BLess Roz