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Further ‘Mission’ to the Philippines

Friday, January 25th, 2008

Praise the Lord for my third mission to the Philippines this autumn. Although not everything went quite to plan, the weather was a major problem, with much heavy rain which hampered arranged open air meetings, resulting in some cancellations. However, I wasn’t going to allow the weather to stop me preaching the gospel, and got the pastor’s to find places I could preach under cover. One such place was found in a village on the island of Negros, a lot of young people came to the meeting (mostly because they couldn’t play basketball because of the torrential rain). Praise the Lord over 60 people came to the LOrd on the first night and a further 27 the second night, mostly young people. We were able to get their names and addresses so that a weekly bible study could be set up for them and my ministry bought them all new testaments so hopefully a new church will be planted there.

One lady was a backslider who used to be a Christian worker, who having heard about the crusade decided not to come, but she testified later saying that the Holy Spirit so moved on her she had to come and praise the LOrd she returned to the LOrd and God also healed her body too! Any backsliders reading this, the day is short it’s time to return to the Lord while you are still able too, Jesus is returning soon and you need to be ready to meet Him, but He awaits with outstretched arms for you, just turn to Him in repentance.

I also preached in some of the prisons in Cebu, the women’s prison was an amazing experience, having been there in February it was great to see how they had progressed in the Lord and off course there were new in mates as well. All they had for worship was an old tatty acoustic guitar, but when those women started to sing and worship God it was wonderfuly truly from the heart worship, all I could do was weep! Praise the Lord 15 new comers came to the Lord.

The young offenders prison was even more amazing, for the first time in my ministry I saw 100% of the congregation get saved, all 60 prisoners came to the Lord, the pastors with me said they had never seen such a move of God on the prisoners, many with tears in their eyes as I explain the good news of the gospel, that ‘..the blood of Jesus Christ cleanses us from all sin.’ ‘ ..that who the Son sets free is free indeed.’

Then ptr. Nilo got me in a local state school, I was only able to preach in two classes, but praise God in the first class the whole class got saved and in the second they all got saved except for three. He took me to another school up in the mountains I started class by class, but said we need to crowd them into one class again(I had difficulty keeping my voice going) all 60 plus wanted to be ‘born again’ and come to Christ, ( needless to say I had even more new testaments to buy). I praise God that a total of just over 400 people came to the Lord in my three week mission, I also praise the LOrd for many healings and miracles which I will tell of in my next post ,if you are able to attend my next HEALING SERVICE here in the UK, which will be at The Community Hall, West Street, Wilton, Salisbury 3rd Feb a warm welcome awaits you.