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Miracles in the Philippines

Tuesday, February 12th, 2008

In this blog I want to report on a selected few of the testimonies of healing and deliverence on this last trip to the Philippines in November 07.

On the first Sunday in Bohol I was scheduled to preach three times (a common occurance when ministering abroad). The first church I preached at was near Loay on the island, and what a blessing we had, the Holy Spirit fell on people in abundance. However, after the service had finished and I was waiting for lunch, a young man sat bent over looking extremely troubled. I noticed he had broken handcuffs on his wrist, I asked the pastor if he wanted prayer? The pastor then went on to tell his story, apparently when the young man was younger (he is now about 17yrs old), he was badly demonised and his father came to the pastor for help and gave his heart to the Lord and the boy was delivered. Unfortunately the father backslid from God and the boy became demonised again. The pastor told me that it takes 5 strong men to arrest him he is so strong (hence the broken handcuffs), but he said he wants to be delivered and has come so that you can pray for him. I’m thinking it takes 5 men to hold him and I’m about to pray for him! However, the compassion of the LOrd took a hold of me and all I could feel was love and compassion for this young man, as I prayed for him the power of God came upon him and he started to cry, the pastor said he has never done this before God is really dealing with him. Some weeks later I heard from the pastor to say since he was prayed for God completely delivered him and he has been fine since, all I can say is PRAISE THE LORD, JESUS YOU ARE WONDERFUL!

I also heard that the woman who was healed of diabetes in the February is still fine, another came up to me at the crusade outside of Tagbilaren city, to say she was healed of a shoulder problem also in February and is still fine. Another lady said that she had been prayed for her eyesight problem in February and is also so completely healed she no longer needs glasses, praise the Lord. Another confirmation from February was of an old man I prayed for in the slum area of Cebu city, he was suffering with cancer, laid on a bed unable to walk unaided, with pain all over his body. First I led him to the Lord and then I prayed for him in the Name of Jesus Christ, and the pain completely left him and he got off the bed and walked unaided. I have since fould out that he is still healed and fine, it’s wonderful what God can do and the Jesus of Nazereth that ‘went about doing good and healing all those oppressed of the devil’, IS ALIVE TODAY AND STILL DOING MIRACLES!

Sorry folks I don’t have anymore time to write more testimonies at present, as I have to fly to Nepal tomorrow to go on mission again for two weeks, please pray for me and my companion (another Ros), that the Lord will be with us as we go forward with the glourious news of the gospel.

If you live anywhere near Salisbury, I will be back in time for the next Healing Service at the Community Centre, West Street, Wilton when I shall be reporting on this mission as well as preaching the gospel and praying for the sick, a warm welcome awaits you, God bless Roz Kathryn Day