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Monday, April 21st, 2008

Mission to Nepal

Arriving in Kathmandu after what can only be described as an ‘ hair raising ,uncomfortable, long winded, budget airline flight’, Ros ( my volunteer companion), and I had one night in which to rest, before setting off for the plain the next morning.

Kathmandu is described as a ‘valley’, from which it takes nearly fours hours continuous descent by a vehicle, to reach the Indian plains, following a fast moving river, with a number of adventurous folk having fun water rafting.

My first preaching engagement was held at a local Baptist church, in a poor rural area about half an hours drive away, from our hotel at Bharatupur, Chitwan. The road there was nothing more than a dirt track through villages of poor houses, which only supplied it’s occupants the bare necessity of accommodation, sights I have grown accustomed to in my ministry as an evangelist, which takes me to many poor areas of the world, but nevertheless still moves me in compassion for these dear folk who have so little, when we have so much in comparison!

Having arrived at the church and being assured that only believers would being attending the service, I decided on concentrating my message on the revival and healing power of the Holy Spirit, through the Name of Jesus Christ! After the message I invited the sick in the congregation to place their hands on the place of their sickness or on their heads, as I commanded sickness, pain, disease, evil spirits to leave in the Christ’s name! The Lord also gave me a ‘word of knowledge’ (one of the gifts of the Spirit spoken of by Paul in 1Cor. 12), that someone was being healed of a mouth condition . I then asked those who God had touched to come forward and testify, about a dozen came forward, including a Hindu lady, who wasn’t a Christian, testified that she had suffered with constant bleeding in her mouth, but when I gave the word of knowledge, it stopped instantly! Later that day she came to the crusade and gave her heart to Jesus and testified of her healing, praise the Lord !

The crusade that afternoon was held nearby at Kowasiti, where an estimated number of two to three thousand gathered to hear the gospel. Many more would have come had it not been election time and problems with road blocks, However, those that attended heard the good news of Jesus (most of them for the very first time), I gave the altar call and about twenty to thirty people responded. Then I prayed for the sick, where they were in the crowd (the same way I did in the church that morning). People started getting healed all over the place, we couldn’t fit in all the testimonies, over forty people were waiting to testify. Then I and my interpreter (Pastor Samuel), did another altar call, after seeing the miracles, many more responded to the call of salvation, over two hundred in total came to the Lord that afternoon. The pastors on the platform were amazed at what God had done, most of them had never seen miracles before. I was the first western evangelist they had preach in their area and they want me to return and by God’s grace and provision I intend to do just that, hopefully this autumn if I can raise the funds?