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Mission to Nepal Nov 08

Monday, December 15th, 2008


Kawasoti Crusade

After a short stopover in Kathmandu my team (Janey & Anna) and I made the long
journey south to the Chitwun area.Kawasoti ,a city situated near the Indian
border is where we held a crusade earlier in the year on my last visit. We were hoping for larger numbers to come
and, although, there were only 2-3thousand the first night, about 5,000
attended the second night, resulting in approximately 200

decisions for Christ.



Pictures by Anna Tooth (

There were also a large number of healings amongst the
crowd. When I commanded demons,
sickness and disease to go in His name, many reached out in faith to Him and
came forward to testify. This included many
backaches, headaches, joint pains. Many
with hearing difficulties and eyesight problems were healed including one woman
who was completely deaf in the right ear and nearly deaf in the left ear, who
was able to hear perfectly again. She
had suffered this condition for fifteen years.
Another was a man who had been involved in an accident and fractured his leg. Even
after surgery, he was still in great
pain for years but testified that the pain had left him and he could walk
normally. Another old woman was able to
walk normally again and threw away her walking stick and testified the next day
that she was still healed. Furthermore
a young man who was dumb and unable to speak at all was now able to talk for
the first time, although imperfectly as he now needed to learn to talk.

Furthermore quite a few people were delivered from demonic voices. Several came to the platform to testify to
being delivered. One woman who had
suffered for a long time, testified that all the voices had gone bar one, which,
after prayer, the Lord dealt with the final
one too which also left, praise His

I and the team together with Pastor Samuel and Pastor Puran (my
excellent interpreter), spent another
two days in the Chitwan region. The
next day we held a pastor’s conference in a local Baptist church in which the
fire of God descended on the delegates, so much so they were texting others to
come and join them in the afternoon.
Praise the Lord.

The final day
in this area we spent in travelling around local village churches, off road in
the jungle area. We felt like real
missionaries now but we did do it the easy way and used a 4 x 4 to get there,
crossing river beds and dodgy bridges, to reach the people. The first little church reminded me of the
nativity scene as it looked a bit like a stable with a straw roof, where we met
some of the new converts from the crusade and I was able to give them advice in
their new Christian life.

We visited another two churches that day and I preached
three times and by the third service I was getting tired. It was late in the afternoon and the sun was
beginning to set, and yet when we arrived we found the little church bursting
at the seams with eagerly awaiting people.
I forgot my tiredness and the Holy Spirit took over and the power of God
touched those people in healing and revival fire and 27 people got saved,
Praise the Lord.

RK Day