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Nepal Mission Nov 08( Update 2)

Thursday, January 1st, 2009

Nepal Mission Part two

After travelling for five hrs back up to Kathmandu, up being the operative word – as it took 5hrs of dangerous, precarious, hairpin bends and sheer drops along a white water river; arriving by evening into the Kathmandu smog. We fell into our beds only to be kept awake by yapping dogs which seems to be a major problem in Kathmandu as there are many thousands of them. The name ,‘Dogmandu’ comes readily to our minds!

The following day we began a two-day miracle conference in which God moved in a mighty way despite the fact that we had to travel through badly air polluted traffic and the church in which we ministered was affected hugely by diesel fumes. However, God moved in his mighty power in healing and Holy Spirit outpouring. There were over 20 healings for which people testified including backs and neck pains, knee joints, and a woman with a heart condition who testified that God had healed her, the next day. A twelve year old boy had been hit by a car in the morning and was in great pain, was healed after the general prayer and demonstrated the fact by raising his arm without any pain at all. The same boy was mightily touched by the Holy Spirit later.

Someone who was still in pain from a knee operation, after prayer testified that he had been healed and was able to walk without pain. A young man in his 20s, nearly blind, who could only see things right in front of his face, testified he could see things much better and by the second day, could count my fingers from across the church – Praise the Lord Many people were hit by the fire of God and at one point three quarters of the church were slain in the Spirit, on the floor, some laughing, some crying before the Lord and some speaking in tongues for the first time. I don’t think this Baptist church had seen anything like this before but the pastors there were thrilled to see God moving and many were asking for the fire as well.


Nearly blind sees

After the final meeting some people came forward to be saved without there being an altar call after seeing the power of God moving by his Holy Spirit, which is of course, the greatest miracle of all. One woman, at the end of the service, after this out pouring, appeared to be unconscious. One of my team became extremely concerned, fearing a diabetic coma or suchlike. I questioned the people with her and she had never suffered with anything like this before. Attempting to get a response from her, all she could say was “I just feel this joy!” I said she’s fine, leave her there, it’s just the Holy Spirit. The next day she testified of what had happened to her, and that she had been out for a further one and a half hours in the presence of the Lord.

The women’s conference was also most fruitful where many ladies (mostly from a Baptist background) received the power of the Holy Spirit for the first time. In the afternoon session they were shown how to witness about Jesus and pray for the sick and they were encouraged to demonstrate what they learnt on one another with many testifying of being healed.

The slum area that we visited was situated by a filthy river with rubbish of all kinds floating on the top. Their homes comprised nothing more than sticks and plastic, and earthen floor. Their meeting house had recently benefitted from a tin roof which was most needful after the recent storm in which a hailstone had fallen through the then plastic roof, causing a child to be rendered unconscious. A number of children and adults had congregated for the meeting but with the PA constantly breaking down I had to revert to my natural voice, which was difficult. However, even in these grim surroundings, the beauty of Jesus could be seen, with many testifying of being healed by his power and a number coming forward for Christ. Furthermore, one of the ladies I prayed for, was shaking. This I assumed to be the presence of the Lord upon her but someone asked me to pray for

her again, as while she was in this state, she could feel something coming up in her body, getting stuck in her throat, so I prayed again and God delivered her – praise His name, later I had e mail confirmation of complete deliverance and healing, for which she is praising God!

With the help of Janie and Anna and R K Day ministry sponsors I am thankful to be able to say that we were able to buy 90 new jumpers for the children who belonged to the school.

The final crusade was held at Baktapur, just a small open air at the back of the church. Again a number of healings were testified and 15 people came to the Lord and several were delivered from demons, for which we praise God.

Well thats all folks for now as 6th January I’m on my travels again, only this time back to my much loved Philippines, can’t wait to see what God has in store for us there?

God bless RK Day