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Harvest Time in the Philippines

Wednesday, February 25th, 2009


With only a tiny budget for crusades, which we held in the back streets of small ‘Buranguys’( villages ) nine in all . With little in the way of equipment, no stage and having to beg and borrow a lectern for every meeting on which to hold the Bible and notes – yet the people came and responded to the call of the Gospel!

Our mission started on the island of Mindora, which is situated SE of the mainland, with a two hour catamaran crossing from the port of Bantangas. The sea was very rough and dangerous but the Lord was with us. We held four nightly crusades and two prison meetings. As well as many salvations there were also some notable healings. On the first crusade a man on crutches with an injured leg was instantly healed after prayer and able to walk home, carrying his crutches, rejoicing. Second night, there were also a number of healings including a man with a neck frozen with his chin permanately touching his chest. After prayer the neck was released and he could bend his head right back. In the third village I was told later by the local pastor that the most violent man in Burangay, had been saved and if that was a true conversion, his testimony would impact the whole area. The following night he came with his wife and asked me to pray for him. There were many more testimonies for Mindora – details will be attached in next update.