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Harvest Time in the Philippines 2

Wednesday, March 4th, 2009

The harvest of souls was equally fruitful in the two local prisons we visited , where many responded to the gospel, and prisoners were set free in the spirit by the power of the blood of Jesus Christ, ‘Who cleanses us from all sin’. In one of these prisons I met a lady who reminded me that I prayed for her two years ago in the same prison. She testified that that day when she had been slain in the Spirit, she got up totally healed from a spinal condition affecting two lower vertebrae, and has not needed any treatment in the last two years. When God does it, praise His name, He does it well!

Furthermore I had to preach at the local police station whereupon several policemen and women responded to the message and gave their hearts to the Lord, praise God.

In Pastor Ruben’s church in Villiasis a woman came to me and told me I had prayed for her two years ago. The doctors had recently told her that they had found a myoma in her womb, verified by the local hospital. However, after prayer, she believed she was healed, and with a friend, went back to the doctors and had another scan which confirmed that the myoma had disappeared. She has experienced no further problems, praise the Lord.

As well as amazing salvations and healings, God also moved mightily by his Spirit upon the churches. The Holy Spirit led me to challenge the people to a closer walk with Him. Of those that responded, he replied with his Holy Fire as scores of people were renewed and revived.

The Mission came to an end at Angelas City, we held two days of miracle services hosted by ‘Freedom Christian Center’with Pastor Joshua and his wife, sister Judy. I love visiting this church and this was my third time. Each time God has graciously poured out His Spirit and this visit was no exception. On the Sunday over 450 people had gathered at Clark Air Base Officers Mess where 28 people gave their hearts to the Lord and a number of testimonies of healings took place of which I received confirmed testimonies later by e mail . On the second night the Holy Spirit fell mightily on the people that came forward for renewal.

It’s harvest time folks – not just for the Phillippines – but I believe its end-time harvest time for the world! It’s time to preach the Gospel more, if we are to get the harvest in – as Jesus said in Matthew’s Gospel “The harvest truly is plentiful, but the labourers are few. Therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out labourers into his harvest” Math 9, v37,38 NKJV