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Nepal Mission

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010


Evangelist R K Day

Nepalgunj , my team (Geof, Carl and Sue) and I found out, is the hottest place in Nepal and Easter is not the coolest time of year. Even night time temperatures are 33 degrees and the day in the sun around 40. Therefore ministry was difficult, however the presence of God was powerful and we saw the most amazing events.

John Fergusson had arranged these meetings in the south and I was invited to speak at two of the three main Easter Festival gatherings with crowds of 5,000 people plus, patiently waiting in the heat for the festival to start. The first day was most interesting, having been on my feet to preach for only a few minutes, I can’t remember exactly what I said which instigated the following event, when suddenly people all over the field started to fall down in the presence of God and demons were manifesting, with the local churches busily carrying people out to deliver them; I carried on regardless, preaching the gospel! I then held a mass healing prayer for the whole congregation, after which I asked people to stand and see if something had happened? Many people started to come forward to testify, some believers, some unbelievers. God was doing wonderful miracles in the midst of the people through His Son Jesus Christ. We ran out of time as there were so many testimonies!

Nepalgunj Easter Festival

After the healing testimonies , I then asked people to come to Christ. However, in the middle of this, someone came up and interrupted us with an announcement that the last bus was leaving to a certain area. This then caused a mass exodus and not little disruption! However, praise the Lord a number of people still got saved on the first night and the spiritual ground was being prepared and many more healings and deliverances took place as the whole TEAM prayed for people who also came forward for prayer.

On the second night when John preached, more were saved and miracles also followed the preaching of the Word, including a family which had always been against the church, and although refused to come to the Festival, due to the extremely effective PA System, were able to hear the whole message from their balcony and each family member was healed of a condition. Having found they were healed, came late to the meeting and told the pastors what had happened and also said they would from now on come to church.

The final night, it was my turn to preach again and God moved even more powerfully. They were more attentive to the Word and there were no disruptions (that we knew of) and I had a witness in my spirit that many blind eyes would be opened. At the mass prayer time God was performing miracles all over the field. One woman,who couldn’t walk, was able to walk and another, who was completely blind and nearly completely deaf was able to see and hear. Again, so many miracles we couldn’t fit all the testimonies in the time we had. I could see the excitement in the crowd – God had their attention – and when the altar call was given, hundreds came forward and gave their lives to Christ, praise be to the Lord!

Blind lady sees again

Deaf left ear healed

Carried to the meeting day before unable to walk, testifies COMPLETELY HEALED!

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