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Jiri-where the road runs out!

Monday, May 24th, 2010



Back in Kathmandu, with temperatures at a more normal level, had a short rest and a little ministry before the next leg of our journey. My team and I were able to visit and minister in a local orphanage for boys where some got saved and most, mightily touched by the Holy Spirit. Later that day we went to visit the slum area and held a meeting there where again, there were some salvations and healings. Praise the Lord, due to sponsored events by my team, we were able to help the church there with school books and a wipeboard for teaching the children. Furthermore, I was able to do some personal ministry, firstly with the hotel staff, where I was able to lead two of them to the Lord and whilst shopping, I led one of the shop owners to the Lord, and later, was able to speak to her husband, who also gave his life to the Lord.

Next day, we commenced our arduous journey to Jiri. This is situated in the northern part of Nepal where the road runs out before Everest. The distance isn’t that great, but the roads are so appalling, it took us ten hours to get there. Many parts of the way were unsurfaced, large gravel, huge pot holes, fords and stream beds, extremely narrow, hairpin after hairpin bend, up one mountain and down another, very wearing on the vehicles not to mention their occupants! The result was one of the vehicles broke down with the clutch burned out and we had to unload everything into the other vehicle whilst the first one attempted to complete the journey. Amazingly, after prayer, this was achieved.

The Ministry in Jiri did not achieve very many salvations but it broke the ground – a place where they had never had a large evangelistic open air meeting before – and again with much opposition. However, after the first meeting where many testified of being healed the people from the town came on the second night and hearing the message of love and truth the opposition subsided and the seed was sown. Only about 30 people had got saved initially, although more hands had gone up , and later we heard that there was more fruit than this but the people were shy to come forward. Furthermore, we heard later that one young man that gor saved, went on to win 15 other to Christ in the first two weeks of being saved! Also God performed many miracles in the crowd again ,including one young man who looked thin and gaunt, sick for a long time, God touched him in the crowd by His mighty power and he testified of his healing later and was the first to come forward to give his heart to Jesus! Another was an ex sherpa who had had a stroke to his left side, who whilst demonstrating his healing also had his deaf healed. What an awesome God we serve! RK Day