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Poland Mission January 2013

Thursday, January 31st, 2013


The mission commenced in the UK with me being able to witness to not only the taxi driver but four people on the train as well, so that was a good start. But then we had some delays at Heathrow followed by having to land in thick snow in Poland (first time I’ve landed ON snow) Praise God Pstr. Pawel managed to get through to the airport to pick me up.Poland had had quite a lot of snow and it doesn’t seem to melt at all during the day, so one is getting around in snow all the time, a drastic contrast to my usual winter missions ie Philippines where average day temperature is around 35+

These two ladies from Nowy Dior Gdanski both had confirmed healing testimonies

These two ladies from Nowy Dior Gdanski both had confirmed healing testimonies

The first meeting on the Sunday was a blessing, where I learnt of two healings that the Lord did at my last visit! One a lady with a severe skin problem was healed and also a lady that had diabetes was healed, ( confirmed by doctors). Another was my dear land lady ‘Mary’, she had given her heart to the Lord the last time I was staying in Poland and one day I could see she was unwell and upset,but she can’t speak English and I don’t speak much Polish,but she pointed to her throat and I prayed for her. It turns out she had a growth in the throat had been to the doctor and was waiting to see the specialist, but after prayer the growth vanished and when she saw the specialist, he couldn’t find any trace of it!! What a wonderful God we serve!

On the Tuesday night I had to speak in a church full of unsaved people(over 100 )at a town called Puscht and 60 plus made a decisions for Christ and many testified of God touching them physically.

I also preached at Elblag, where there was a lovely move of the Holy Spirit and I met a guy who got saved after I preached on my last visit in another town.

In addition to this I took many English language classes at Pstr. Pawel’s school and in his language school, where I was able to talk about what I do and witness for Christ.



On my last day Pawel took me to Morog (2 hr. drive south in the snow), where the Lord moved again and a lady who could not walk hardly at all because of pain, became pain free and could walk normally and later that day another lady received a wonderful deliverance .

My trip ended with many delays because of snow in Munich and leaving at 10am I didn’t get back till 1.30 am exhausted! BUT PRAISE GOD IT WAS WORTH IT ‘OUR GOD IS AN AWESOME GOD’