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Poland Mission May 2013

Thursday, June 13th, 2013

What a wonderful mission to Poland this was .

Over 100 decisions & re -commitments with testimonies of God touching people physically as well as spiritually and a wonderful outpouring of God’s revival fire falling on many. It was truly an amazing time.

Women’s Conference

My ministry commenced with two sessions at the ‘Women’s Conference’ at ‘Slupsk’ (about two hrs. drive from my host’s home near Gdynia), where the Pastor Jozef’s wife Bogusia had arranged the day’s conference. Our venue was the local Pentecostal church which was pretty well full, but some men wanted to come too, so pastor Jozef taught them separately in the morning and we all joined together for the afternoon session. Many were really blessed with the meetings, one lady got wonderfully saved and several testified of God’s healing touch (I’m still awaiting confirmations ).

Women's Conference SlupskSlupsk (2)

Testifies of God's touch

Testifies of God’s touch


Amazing Healing
On Sunday I preached at Pastor Jozef’s church at Lebork this is the most amazing pentecostal church building I have ever seen. Many were blessed and I prayed for several for healing. This included a young lady who asked for prayer for her back, she said she is often in pain with it, as she was born with the spine not being straight. Later in the week I met her sister at the meeting in Gdynia, who told me her sister had gone to the doctor to check it out and the doctor confirmed her spine was now perfectly normal!! What an amazing testimony, thank you Jesus !
Bible School
On the Monday I spoke at the ‘Christ for the nations’ bible school in Gydnia and also again on Wednesday, what a wonderful welcome they gave me and such a privilege to encourage young people with the Word and the Spirit.
Jesus sets the prisoners free !
On Tuesday we took the long journey to the ‘Women’s prison at Czersk (via Nowy Dior), we had to take two vehicles so we could fit the band in as well.
What an amazing time, it was like being back in the Philippines again, those women were so hungary for the gospel, many had tears in their eyes as I preached, 31 women came to the meeting and 31 women made a decision for Christ, some for salvation some re committments but all to be SET FREE BY THE BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST !!

Pruszcz Gdanski

I preached in this town on my last visit and saw wonderful results in their mid week evangelistic meeting where they get over 100 people attending on a Tuesday and another 100 on a Wednesday night. So I returned and praise God for another 60 +decisions and also many testifying of the touch of God in their bodies too. On my last visit I was told that there were 10 confirmed healings, all praise to our Lord Jesus Christ who not only saves souls but can heal sick people too !

Gydinia is the nearby sea port city to where I was staying and Pastor Jozef had arranged for me to preach in the local Pentecostal church, where another half a dozen decisions were made, to God be all the glory.
Nowy Dior Gdanski
Nowy Dior Gdanski (Which means little Gdansk)I will always feel to be my home in Poland and I stayed again with Pastor Pawel and Slawka and preached at their church in the town on my final Sunday.
My visit ended with sharing with two students at Pawel’s English language school, who practise their English on me and one of the questions they asked was ‘How did your week go?’ So I told them and had a wonderful time sharing the gospel!!!