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Poland November 2013 Reports of healings !

Thursday, December 19th, 2013
I have some exciting news I want to share with you all about my recent mission to Poland! It was basically going to be a preparation trip for our crusades and conferences there next year. However, my host (Bishop Jozef) had arranged many speaking engagements there as well, which I was very happy about. Although this did involve a lot of travelling in North West Poland (1500 km), most of this was done over 5 days, which meant sleeping different places every night, which although very tiring was so well worth it. For we saw the Lord moving in wonderful ways which was true throughout the whole two weeks of the visit.
These are the towns I ministered: Gdynia, Lebork,Pruszcz,Slupsk,Miastko, Chelmno, Wloclawek and Nowy Dior.
In each of these places we saw God do wonderful things, firstly 39 decisions were made. Many testimonies of healings and some confirmation of healings from the May visit. Including the young lady from Lebork, whose spine was straightened. In Gdynia another lady came up and testifed of healing from the last visit and we have her account on film! Many were being healed this time, including another spine healing, which was in Chelmno. She hadn’t been able to bend her back properly for 25years and got healed right before our eyes, we also have her testimony on film. Another lady told me she had one leg shorter than the other, so I had her sit upright in a straight chair to show me and sure enough we could see that, however after prayer both legs were the same length! Another lady at Slupsk had never been to an evangelical church before and the Holy Spirit gave me a ‘Word’ of someone had come to the service with a severe headache, so I commanded that thing to go and it INSTANTLY left. Praise the Lord, there were many more testimonies, but don’t want to overload you folk with too much detail.
Also many people responded to my message of ‘true revival’, giving ourselves wholly to God asking Him for a PASSION for souls and willing to GO OUT WITH THE GOSPEL. Scores of folk came forward for this, not just ‘blessing’ but consecration for service. This was a wonderful breakthrough! Something I long to see here in the UK as well. See film made by Lebork church

God bless you all, I trust you all have a GOD FILLED CHRISTMAS and thank you all for your prayers and gifts that make this ministry possible.