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Poland Mission March 2014

Thursday, March 27th, 2014
Gdansk Old Town

Gdansk Old Town

I am so thankfull to the Lord for the wonderful things I have seen Him do in Poland and would like to share some of them with you.
Firstly I praise God there was a total of 47 decisions for Christ, 21 at the main ‘Torun’ crusade, a city, in which I was told people don’t come forward, so that was a breakthrough and God willing I intend to return there next year. The others were in church meetings where they were advertised and believers invited people so praise God for every single new believer and please pray for them all?

The ‘Women’s Conference’ at Kwidzyn was so well subscribed that the arrangers had to turn women away that wanted to book ,as there was only room for 140 , so next year they are planning a larger venue and 2 days instead of only a one day conference. Glenda was with me for the first weekend and was able to pray with folk as well as take video clips at Prusccz for which I was most grateful.

It was at Pruscz that 17 of the 47 decisions came forward, but there were a number of testimonies of being physically touched by God’s Power as well. One guy with multiple problems testified God touched him including a great improvement in his hearing. Another lady whom Glenda prayed for with a goiter said she could swallow properly after prayer! Then an older lady who had one eye which was blind could start to see out of it! Isn’t it wonderful what God can do, when we reach out in faith to Him through Christ?

In Gdansk where 8 souls came forward for Christ, there were a number of testimonies as well, only I can’t remember them all and will have to wait until I get the film from Poland, but also nearly the whole congregation came forward to dedicate themselves as vessels of the Holy Spirit and be willing to be used by Him to reach out to others and this is quite a large church so many came forward and the Lord poured out His Spirit in a wonderful way!

I have much more to report including some amazing miracles and hopefully might have a few pictures in my next update. In the meantime thank you all for either praying or financially supporting this ministry, I pray the Lord will abundantly bless you all,
RK Day



Torun original old town

Back to the amazing Poland mission! I preached at ‘Slupsk ‘on the Thursday evening, about a two hour journey south from pastor Josef’s and sister Bogda’s home near Gydnia. We had a great time and the Lord was moving on hearts and several testimonies of God’s power touching sick bodies.

One lady came forward to testify not only of God touching her, but at the last meeting in November, she asked me to pray for her grandson who was not in the meeting, so I suggested I pray over her handkerchief. I believe the boy was about nine years old and was suffering with a severe sinus problem, so severe that it had damaged a nerve and the hospital had scheduled an operation as they were afraid it would affect his eyesight. So the grandmother took the handkerchief to the boy and placed it on his sinuses and nothing happened, so she told him to put it under his pillow and sleep on it, which he did. Within a couple of days he began to feel better, then he had to go to hospital and have his pre op scan, the doctors were amazed what they had found, as his sinuses were perfectly normal and they could not explain HOW, but praise God we know, it was the power of the NAME of Jesus that made this boy whole, thank you Jesus!

The main crusade was held in Torun in the beautiful old part of the city our venue being an old civic builing being used as a theatre come cinema.

The lady who had the amazing back healing at ‘Chelmno ‘last November, was also there with her unsaved husband, who came forward on the first night. He told me he knew God had performed a miracle on his wife, she had been like it 30yrs, he could see the difference in his wife’s condition and that’s why he now believed (see Acts 8 v 6&7). He was in church with his wife Sunday morning and came forward for the ‘ Baptism of the Holy Spirit’.

Another lady had tumours on her body, but she was particularily concerned by the one growing near her spine. As I did the mass prayer for healing, I then encouraged folk to start thanking God for their healing, which she did and then I told them all to try and do something they couldn’t do before, this I find very effective as people demonstrate their faith often the healing is realised. As she reached around to feel her spine she found the tumour had disappeared! What an AWESOME God we serve!

I can’t wait to return in May.

RK Day

PS I’m waiting for a film of the trip from Poland I will share it as soon as I have received it.