Mission to the Philippines

Greetings from the Philippines!

My mission is nearly halfway acommplished and although I am very weary and recovering from stomach problems, I am rejoicing too. Praise the Lord I am pleased to report that a total of over 500 people have come forward for Christ ! Most we have names and addresses for follow up by the local churches.

Furthermore, I have had many invitations to speak, this was partly due to the fact that I had to give a short address at the special service held in front of the mayor and civic leaders at the opening of the town fiesta, ( something I did not enjoy, not my thing at all), but God used it to make contacts.Praise the Lord He has continued to pour out blessing on these churches. Last night I spoke at one of the AoG churches, and the LOrd mercifully poured out His Spirit , with many slain in the Spirit and some people being healed.

Speaking of healings I have been able to have some healings confirmed from last year, including the lady who was instantly healed from long term post op pain, a boy in Agoo was instantly healed from Asthma and has not needed to use his inhaler at all since, many people remember the lady who had a breast lump instantly dissappear.

In the crusades many healings have been reported including heart and breathing conditions and many back, knee and shoulder problems,other praise the name of the LOrd, other reports still coming in.

Monday was suppose to be a rest day, but at the last minute I have a chance to speak at a school and a church has offered me a FREE CRUSADE ! As this is such a good opportunity to win more souls I will have to do it, I can’t waste an opportunity to win more souls, but friends please pray that the LOrd will give me strength for this, as tomorrow I preach in a Baptist church in the morning,( a rare event as Baptists here don’t believe in women preachers), then we have to travel to Baguio City, for me to preach at the AoG there, MOn am shool, evening the crusade, TUes am travel to Angelas City for 2 nights of Miracle Services then Thurs mid day I fly to Cebu. I’m trying to find a slot to pack!!

THankyou all so much for your prayers and support which means so much to me, looking forward to seeing you all soon
GOd BLess Roz

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